Crece la Familia Cumbres

Con este #WelcomePack de bienvenida tan práctico queremos simbolizar toda vivencia, aprendizaje y nuevas amistades que vuestros hijos van a poder albergar en esta #mochila.
Nuestra misión es acompañar individualmente a cada alumno para que dejen en quien les rodean y allí donde estén la huella de nuestros colegios RC: talento, liderazgo y corazón. #FamilyFirst


With this #welcomepack, which we hope you will find very practical, we wish to symbolize all of those experiences which will accompany your children throughout the years and which will fill their #schoolbags with learning, friendships and individual development. It is our mission to accompany each one of our students in a quest in which they should leave their mark amongst those who surround them and wherever they should find themselves: The mark of RC schools encompasses: talent, leadership and heart. #FamilyFirst