Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Valencia

We emphasise in our baccalaureate the real personal accompaniment of each of our students as a basic pillar, to make our educational model a reality based on: academic excellence, Catholic and integral formation, bilingual education and pedagogical innovation.

Thus, we offer a complete itinerary that includes Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.

It is the final stretch towards higher education and is governed by the main pillars of our educational model: academic excellence, a Catholic and comprehensive education, international education and pedagogical innovation. We train students to lead their lives in the pursuit of their own and the common good and to have a positive impact on society. We focus on the following areas:

  • Personalised assessment and intensive training to prepare them for the university entrance exams.
  • Exams “Cambridge Assessment English” and university education abroad.
  • Vocational guidance: Work Experience and Mentoring Programmes.
  • Social participation and formative discipline.
  • Digital learning ecosystem in Office 365.

We offer two Bachillerato modalities with four itineraries:

Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Valencia


The academic excellence of our school is evident in the results that our students obtain, year after year, in the university entrance exams thanks to their efforts and the work of our teaching and support teams.

Talent Enrichment Programme

With our specific programmes we offer our pupils the opportunity to develop their talents to the full.

  • Literary competition.
  • Declamation competition and poetry anthology.
  • Cumbres School Magazine.
  • Science Day.
  • Mathematics, Economics and Physics Olympiad.
  • Summer courses for high-achieving students in university schools.
  • Participation in external projects and competitions: Technovation girls CV, Big data Educaixa, European Youth Parliament…


The personal accompaniment of each student at this crucial stage of their lives is done in a structured way to ensure that each and every area of their development receives the attention they deserve. To this end, Cumbres School offers a series of programmes throughout the two years of Baccalaureate.  To carry out the activities of each programme, we have a great team of dedicated teaching staff and counsellors whose sole mission is to make each pupil feel supported, accompanied and achieve the best version of themselves.

Vocational Guidance Programme

The WE programme allows students in the 1st year of Bachillerato to get to know the day-to-day life of a company and to have a real work experience, sharing working days with professionals in the sector in which they have shown an interest. Our aim is for them to discover the value of work, the vocation of service and teamwork, and to learn to take on responsibility at work.

Virtues and Emotional Education Programme

It seeks to form the will and emotions to make our students mature people, according to their age.

Mentoring programme

The aim of the programme is to accompany each of the pupils at such an important time in their lives, when they have to close one stage, that of their time at school – taking stock with gratitude of what they have lived and learnt – and open up to a new one, with many hopes and no less uncertainties. All of this is framed within the evolutionary moment of adolescence. The objective is, therefore, that each pupil can count on a formator who accompanies him at this time, that is to say, who places himself at his side, “welcoming him as he is and where he is, with his talents and possibilities as well as his wounds and limitations, with absolute respect for his freedom and his rhythms”, to help him discover his mission in life and to open himself to the challenge of his own growth towards the fullness to which he is called.


Accompanying families

Activities for Alumni and former families, through the organisation of activities aimed specifically at them. In order to carry this out, the school has a specific person in charge.



“Cambridge Assessment English” exams

After a whole school life working in English, the Baccalaureate stage is the time for official accreditation of the highest level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). These tests enjoy global recognition and prestige and are valid in any country to certify the level of a student on the basis of the exam passed.

As an examining centre, we have the best specialists for the preparation of each student and we manage the whole process of obtaining the C1 and C2 with IELTS (International English Language System).

International Accompaniment

University education abroad has never been so accessible and competitive. Our work consists of facilitating access to university by showing the opportunities that exist and offering the tools for each student to decide their own path.

To do this, we have partnered with Spain’s leading international university guidance company. In addition to workshops and training, Regnum Christi schools have a special agreement so that students who wish to opt for university studies abroad and their families can access a personalised counselling programme tailored to their needs with all the guarantees because for us each student is unique.


Virtues Programme and Education for Love

By forming the will, affectivity and emotions of our students through these programmes, our goal is that they grow in maturity in accordance with their age. A maturity that is manifested in abilities such as being faithful to the responsibilities assumed, knowing how to read their own feelings and integrate them with the other dimensions of their lives, making prudent decisions, opening up to others and giving themselves to them, in other words, in short, to love.

Social Participation Programme

In line with our commitment to educate our students in values, we carry out numerous social and apostolic volunteer projects. With them we seek a direct, personal and committed involvement of young people in our society, thus valuing their own reality and empathising with those who are experiencing difficulties.


Own Technological Project “Realmente Conectados”

It incorporates technology gradually, progressively and adapted to reach all students in different ways (interactive whiteboards, robotics and programming, Tablet Assisted learning (Ipad and Laptop), augmented reality, STEAM projects).


These competences go beyond knowing how to use digital tools and applications, they equip people with the tools to collaborate, communicate, share, inform, create content and disseminate information in a digital environment in an effective, safe, critical and civic way.


We have created a digital learning ecosystem in Office 365 that enriches the way classes work and promotes learning. It allows us to collaborate from anywhere, communicate and share content in a secure and accessible way with our students, manage the classroom, organise tasks, have access to more content and facilitates the virtual learning continuity of our students. When students use Microsoft Office 365 they are developing the skills and competencies they will need in their professional future. By providing them with online applications for work from anywhere and desktop applications for advanced functionalities both online and offline (WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL or FORMS are implemented in most large companies and will be required to a large extent in almost all universities where they will study later.


Each student has an individual device (Laptop) which helps to personalise learning and foster autonomy and mobility. The digital ecosystem improves workflows and the richness of the types of assessment (individual, joint, etc.), creativity, the creation of electronic portfolios, as well as better communication between parents, students and teachers and joint monitoring of their children’s progress through a daily follow-up that identifies the different problems to be solved.


Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art digital projectors, smartboards, as well as webcams for permanent online connections. We also have wifi throughout the school.


We train our students using the best digital platforms and applications (SOCRATIVE, KAHOOT, NEARPOD,…).

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