Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Valencia

560 Students in social projects

12 Partnerships for social participation

12 Catholic and Human Formation Instructors

We educate by evangelising and we evangelise by educating according to the charism of Regnum Christi.

Our school is part of the educational work of Regnum Christi, a movement of the Catholic Church that has been promoting educational centres in many countries of the world for 70 years.

We form our students in a Christian vision of reality, in which faith and reason come together to make man give the best of himself.

We want our school to be an environment where everyone can discover God’s love in their lives and feel the call to transform society according to Gospel values.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Valencia

Life in Christ

Every day in our school is an opportunity to know Jesus and to live the joy and beauty of faith.

Our aim is for each student to have the experience of feeling loved by God and to discover the Church as a family in which there is a unity that fills the heart. We offer a range of activities and programmes to help them acquire a fundamental knowledge of the Christian faith and morals and to experience a deep friendship with Jesus Christ through prayer and the sacraments.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Valencia

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Valencia

Formation for leadership and apostolate

Quien no vive para servir no sirve para vivir

Social participation and apostolate

We educate our students in servant leadership, so that through their training and their profession they feel committed to the good of the society to which they belong. We train them as apostles, i.e. people who feel the impulse to communicate to others the joy and beauty that faith has given them to experience.

With this in mind, our students from Primary to Baccalaureate participate in social projects adapted to their age, which foster their sensitivity to the needs of others and give them the transforming experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

Frente a la cultura del descarte (Papa Francisco), cultura del compromiso social y el amor cristiano

The projects in which we collaborate are:

  • “Comuniones solidarias”
  • “Proyecto Canastillas”
  • “Proyecto Cena de Navidad”
  • “Proyecto “Acompañamiento intergeneracional”
  • “Proyecto Compartamos Esperanza”
  • “Projet Senegal”
  • “Proyecto Altius”
  • “Esperan a un rey, te esperan a ti”

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