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Our pupils transmit an impression of the school through everything they do.


Conscientes de que los padres son los primeros y principales educadores de sus hijos que buscan lo mejor para ellos, asumimos el compromiso de colaborar con ellos en la educación de sus hijos.
Es por esto que, en el Colegio, las familias son protagonistas. Su presencia y participación son imprescindibles para culminar nuestro proyecto educativo y se traduce en múltiples actividades en las que los padres están presentes en el colegio:

  • Son parte activa y fundamental del proyecto solidario del colegio.
  • Organizan y dan sentido a los grupos de ocio para los alumnos y alumnas “Madres NET”.
  • Contribuyen activamente en la formación religiosa de sus hijos.
  • Son un altavoz clave en la relación de tú a tú con el colegio a través del grupo de “Padres delegados”.
  • El colegio plantea actividades que permitan el Networking entre padres de familia como ha sido el reciente Work Experience.


The teachers at the school form part of various departments according to their speciality.

The purpose of these departments is to coordinate the content to be taught by the teachers, to support material to be used and the cultural excursions. We also count with the advice of our University in Madrid: U. Francisco de Vitoria

Cumbres School has the opportunity to offer some of its practical science classes at the laboratories of the University of Valencia.

Every year, we organise a Science Week with presentations and practical experiments from Secondary students and teachers. We also took part, and were finalists, in the “Experimenta”, Physics and Technology Fair organised by the School of Physics, The Biology Olympics and The Economics Olympicsof the University of Valencia, as well as the Mathematics competition.

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Each school year has a tutor; there is a class tutor session in primary and secondary, we have the AcP: Teenagers with Personality programme in secondary. There is a weekly tutoring session with parents in all stages and a weekly personal tutoring session for each pupil in secondary.

Cumbres Alumni

Being a Cumbres School student lasts forever. The spirit, values and the great family we are, create a strong sense of belonging difficult to uproot.

Cumbres alumni was born out of the desire to remain together in this great family  and to create sinergies between alumni and school.

This is possible thanks to alumni reunions, sports events and volunteering actions which have place ocasionally.

Sinergies are created through our networking.

Our goal is to keep everybody connected and united.

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