Our school

Mission, vision and values

We seek to form integral people based on their family environment so they may become positive leaders and committed promoters in a civilisation based on justice and love, according to the principles of Christian Humanism. We seek the best for each pupil through quality, integral and personalised education, aiming to teach, educate and form people with values.

Our motto “SEMPER ALTIUS”, which means “ever higher”. expresses our aspiration to strive for the best possible integral development: physical, intellectual, moral and religious excellence of each one of our pupils. It is a lofty goal but there could be no other: if parents entrust their children to us, it is so we can give them the best.

Formation of Intelligence

This does not consist in the quantitative acquisition of knowledge but rather the correct use of reason, seeking truth, through the capacity to reach fair and balanced judgements about themselves, other people and the events in history, society and culture.

Formation of Character

The formation of intelligence must be accompanied by the formation of will, feelings and emotions; in short, all those parts of a person that make up one’s character. We seek to form men and women with strength of character who are fully in control of themselves, not easily swayed by the changing winds of sentiment.

Formation of Imagination

We cannot forget the role played by imagination in both the understanding of concepts and ideas and in personal creativity. While encouraging a calm control of fantasy, we foster its development to achieve creative personalities that can manifest themselves in a wide range of fields.

Formation of Conscience

This provides us with moral judgement on actions and allows to perceive the difference between good and evil.

Love, Motivation and Self-conviction

The acts of a free man do not follow external imposition but rather stem from assimilated and accepted principles. This is why we lend great importance to motivation. We endeavour to ensure our pupils value and want to live their own formation through personal conviction.

Formation in the Catholic Faith

The school has adopted a fundamental approach based on a Christian view of mankind stemming from a personal relationship of friendship with God that leads them to live their faith and their Christian convictions freely, coherently and happily in everyday life.

Formation in Human Values

It would suffice to reflect on the need and importance of forming young people in the appreciation of such virtues as justice, coherence in life, nobility and mutual respect; the fundamental building blocks for civil coexistence. To these virtues we aim to add a touch of perfection to the degree of humanity possessed by each individual: politeness, refinement, civility, good manners, courteousness, kindness, generosity, etc.

Education in Liberty

As a result of the above, no complete formation of mankind can ignore formation in liberty. For this to be used correctly, the two faculties unique to mankind must be formed: intelligence and will, supported by conscience and properly formed and illuminated by faith.

Social Responsibility

Our schools place a special emphasis on raising awareness about society today. No-one can truly develop while looking inward all the time. For that reason, we educate our pupils so they are willing to contribute to society and to gradually become more aware of the demands of social justice.


The Colegio Cumbres de Valencia was formerly the Colegio Juan Guillem Tatay, founded by the brothers Juan and Vicente Guillem Tatay – well-known educators who created a number of academies and schools where they educated a large number of boys and girls in the Valencian society during the 1970s and 1980s.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2012, leaving behind our facilities in Godella and relocated ourselves in the new facilities in Moncada.


After relocating to our new centre, the spirit, pedagogy and care provided to pupils at the Colegio Cumbres will remain unchanged because the factor underpinning the entire project will be the same: our team of teachers and education professionals. They are the ones responsible for the prestige that the school now enjoys in Valencia.

We thank you for the faith you have placed in us for the education of your children and hope you will continue to trust in the schooling offered by the Colegio Cumbres. “I am Cumbres wherever I am”

The school, which was located in the town of Godella, as relocated in Moncada, to the facilities of the seminary run by the Legionaries of Christ, the installations of which were renovated and adapted to its new role as a school. The centre now has a total of 45 classrooms measuring 48 square metres each and all equipped with digital whiteboards. The school has four chapels (the main chapel has a capacity for 350 people), an auditorium with more than 250 seats and a number of sports facilities distributed on grounds spread over 3.5 hectares.

The sports facilities cover an area of 1 hectare: a semi Olympic-size swimming pool; 2 paddle courts; a regular futsal field; football field 8 artificial turf; 3 football pitches; 5 changing rooms with change area, toilets and showers; 6 football fields; 5 basketball courts; a tennis court; two volley fields; a hockey field; artificial turf; a rhythmic and ballet gymnastics room; a judo tatami; a children´s pscicomotricity room; a gym.

We have 4 new labs that our pupils started using this year: a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a biology and geology lab and an art lab, all fitted with the latest equipment. Our higher secondary pupils also have the option to study their practical classes in the labs at the University of Valencia. They have between 16 practical laboratory classes a year in 4th grade secondary and 7 in 1st grade secondary.

Cumbres Solidarity

Our social work: Altius Foundation

The Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi movement also undertake important social work through the Altius Foundation, which every year provides help to more than 400,000 people in need around the world, transforming their lives through education. The Altius Foundation has opened 34 ‘Mano Amiga’ [Helping Hand] schools to educate the most disadvantaged. In Spain, the foundation also runs the well-known “1 Kilo of Help” solidarity programme. Más información: www.altius.org

Our apostolic work: Mission Network

Mission Network is the international organisation that promotes the apostolic programmes run by the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi movement. It offers an opportunity, to all those who freely choose to accept it, to change the world by doing something for others while also discovering meaning and purpose for their own lives.

Mission Network has a variety of programmes for all ages (volunteering, evangelisation, family, youth, children, priest support, leisure, etc.). Of particular note in Spain are the Club Alpes, Club Faro, NET, Juventud y FamiliaMisionera, VirgenPeregrina de la Familia, IUVE Foundation, DIF (Integral Family Development), SoñarDespierto, Mission Camps and Alter Christus. For further information: www.redmision.es

Pastoral Staff

The pastoral staff at the Colegio Cumbres wishes to help everyone who needs to get closer to God. The pastoral staff includes:

Chaplains: F. Vicente Cortina, L.C., F. Wagner, F. Bonifacio, L.C.

Instructors: section B:  Inelen Ortin, Paloma Villena y Amparo Borras, consecrated RC.  Section A:  F. Wagner, L.C.

Coordinator: Maribel Serrano.


  • Mass: Monday to Friday at 08:55 in the management chapel.
  • Optional daily mass for students at 13:45, central chapel.
  • Communion: Tuesday and Friday at 11:50, central chapel.
  • Confession: during mass.
  • School assembly mass: first Friday of each month.
  • Special mass held for students finishing Primary and Secondary.

Spiritual formation

  • Spiritual Advisors
  • Monthly retreats: Third Wednesday of each month at from 15:30 to 16:30.
  • Pilgrimages to Medjugorje and Holy Land.

Formation in Social Participation and Apostolic Movements

  • Altius Foundation: volunteer programs and training for volunteers.
  • Family and Youth Missionary: program of evangelism for young people and families during Easter Week and in the summer.


  • NET: Boys and girls aged 5 to 9: program of recreational and formative activities to evangelize children.
  • Club Alpes: activity program and formation for young and teenage girls aged 10 to 16.
  • Club Faro: activity program and formation for young and teenage boys aged 10 to 16.

Formation for all the family

  • Integral Family Development: Parents School Pre-school, Pre-adolescence and adolescence.
  • Talks on Adolescence, Sexuality, Drugs, Alcohol, Orientation, Internet… DIF .
  • Father-son and mother-daughter social gatherings.


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