Our School Colegio Privado Valencia

Mission, vision and values


To offer our students and families an environment of integral formation, accompanying them in the development of their talents in order to achieve personal and professional excellence, to live with full meaning and to be leaders who transform society based on the values of the Gospel.


  • To be an institution of reference for those who seek an integral education for their children, which attends to all the dimensions of the person: ethical, spiritual, intellectual, affective, communicative, aesthetic, corporal and social.
  • To provide the university and professional world with students who are recognised as excellent people as well as excellent professionals.
  • To provide students with an understanding of the globalised world in which they live so that through the mastery of other languages they can achieve international projection.
  • To train students to be examples of Christian life and leadership in transforming society.
  • To stand out as an institution that helps disadvantaged people and promotes solidarity actions.


  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Service

What moves us in our educational action:

  • Jesus Christ, model of the person
  • The person at the centre
  • The family as the nucleus of the development of the person
  • Love as the driving force
Our School Colegio Privado Valencia

Our motto

“Semper Altius” (“always higher”), which expresses our aspiration to achieve, every day, the maximum development of our students in all their aspects, so that they reach the best version of themselves and contribute to the good of the society of which they are a part.

Colegio Inglés Valencia