Parents Colegio Privado Valencia


Aware that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and that they seek the best for them, we are committed to collaborating with them in the education of their children.
That is why, at the school, families are the protagonists. Their presence and participation are essential for the culmination of our educational project and this translates into multiple activities in which parents are present at the school:

  • They are an active and fundamental part of the school’s solidarity project.
  • They organise and give meaning to the leisure groups for the pupils “Madres NET”.
  • They actively contribute to the religious education of their children.
  • They are a key loudspeaker in the one-to-one relationship with the school through the group of “Parent Delegates”.
  • The school organises activities that allow parents to Network with each other, such as the recent Work Experience.

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