Teachers Colegio Privado Valencia


The teachers of the school are integrated into different seminars according to their speciality.

The function of these seminars is to coordinate the subject matter to be taught, the support material and the cultural outings. Our teachers are trained throughout the school year through the monthly training sessions and we have the support of our University in Madrid: U.Francisco de Vitoria.

Cumbres School has the opportunity to carry out some of its science practicals in the laboratories of the University of Valencia.

Every year, the Secondary students and their teachers organise the Science Day with exhibitions and practical experiences for the rest of the school. We participated, and were finalists, in the Physics and Technology Fair “Experimenta” organised by the Faculty of Physics, the Biology Olympiad and the Economics Olympiad of the University of Valencia, as well as in the Mathematics Day.

Teachers Colegio Privado Valencia

Each grade has a tutor and an instructor; in Primary and ESO there is classroom tutoring, in Secondary we have the AcP programme: adolescents with personality. In all stages there is a weekly tutoring session for parents, and in secondary, there is a weekly personal tutoring session for each pupil.

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